For a greater good

The Association

 By the end of 2020, we decided to go ahead with the creation of the Quinta Das Manas Association to achieve the following objectives:

  • Join the community in a rural environment.
  • Transmit respect for nature and animals that constitute it; which are;
  • Integrate children To organize, promote, and develop
  • To organize, promote, and develop recreational, training, cultural, and social activities for various audiences, such as elderly, many times affected by the problems of isolation, which causes difficulties in socialization, and relaxation;
  • Provide solidarity , and help through moral, cultural and material support to people and groups that need it, developing activities for the protection of children, youth, family and community
  • Organize meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars, workshops or any other activities of interest to the association, contributing as well to the the development of the social and cultural aspects of the community;
  • Promote the use of organic and crafts manufactured in the farm
  • Promote awareness-raising activities related to the well-being and rights of the of the animals, as well as organizing public sponsorship campaigns;;
  • Reduce, through prevention, the cases of abandonment and mistreatment of animals, through awareness-raising actions aimed at children, youth and the general public; workshops to learn about animal behavior, nature, and themselves, through a variety of activities: yoga, pilates, cooking, etc.);
  • To reduce, through prevention the cases of abandonment and mistreatment of animals, animalsvia awareness-raising activities aimed at children, young people and the public in general.
  • To be a temporary shelter of reference, for abandoned and mistreated animals;
  • To convey the importance of the environmental conservation,with demonstration projects for the use of renewable energies such as: wind power, solar power, and water,
  • To be a place of reference, for the exhibition of native trees of Portugal,in full nature, transmitting the most important functions and uses that we can attribute to the native forest;
  • To guarantee the conservation, promotion and management of the native forest,to promote its preservation;
  • To promote the exchange and cooperation with individuals, associations, and institutions, both national and international, that that share the same objectives as the association;;
  • Spread happiness through moments of contact with nature and animals. animals.

By becoming a Member you have a lot of advantages, such as:

1 - a free entrance to the Farm;
2 - 10% discount in the Birthday Party (Kangaroo Menu);
3 - 10% discount at the farm workshops;
4 - 10% discount on our products in the online store;
5 - exclusive discounts for our partners allied to Quinta das Manas.
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