Cancel Policy


You should arrive at Quinta das Manas on the scheduled date and time, being given a margin of 10 minutes after the scheduled time to reach us. When the delay is more than 10 minutes the visit is cancelled and it is not possible to reschedule. 

Understand that your visit involves the preparation and organization of the farm, to receive you and that your delay or no-show, causes consequences in the planning of our day.

How to prevent this from happening?

  1. If this is the first time you visit us, in order to easily reach us you should arrive at least 10 minutes early;
  2. If you think you are very close but lost you should contact us as soon as possible through 918 132 388;
  3. If you are more than 2 hours away from Quinta das Manas and do not expect to arrive on time at the scheduled time you should contact us immediately and reschedule your visit at 918 132 388. 

To sum it up:

  • If you want to cancel or change your visit to Quinta das Manas, you can only do so, at least 2 hours in advance, before the scheduled time. This way you will not lose your entrance tickets and will be able to reschedule your visit.
  • If cancellations are not made with more than 2 hours in advance, the visits will not take place and you will lose them, not being able to reschedule. 
  • Once the reservation is made, if you do not show up on the date, time and place scheduled without having made a cancellation or change in the terms described above, you will lose all rights inherent to that visit, including the right to reschedule.
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