This particular species of parrot is available in various colours when in captivity (such as blue, grey, yellow, greenish-grey, violet and white).
Pato Carolino

Mallard Duck

 The mallard duck is a species of Anatidae duck. Native to North America, particularly the marshy areas of the east coast of the United States .
Pato Mandarim

Mandarin Duck

In Chinese culture, this duck is considered a symbol of affection and marital fidelity (they are monogamous animals and the couple remains together for life).


The ostrich is the largest bird in existence. But it can't fly. Its wings serve as protection and help it to balance when it runs.
Ganso Sinaleiro

Barnacle Goose

It sleeps in a strange position, shrinks one of its legs and turns its head back, hiding its beak between its plumage.