Quinta das Manas

Who We Are

Quinta Das Manas is an educational project that began over 10 years ago with the aim of bringing children and young people closer to nature, animals and the rural world. We are a family business that has grown over the years with hard work and enthusiasm.

We are located in the parish of Polvoreira, on the border of the municipality of Guimarães with the municipality of Vizela, about 5km from the exit of the motorway, Guimarães Sul, set in an area of 50,000 metres, with large areas to welcome those who visit us.

We promote learning based on experience and the development of a parallel curriculum.

The activities are developed both in a nature and agro-environmental learning environment, as well as in a teaching-learning context based on practical experiences.

The educational and animation actions developed are always with the purpose of presenting the animals, plants and objects in the places where they are usually located

On The Farm

What we offer

We have educational programs for students in Pre-School, Primary, and Secondary schools, and activities for Families and Groups.

During your visit to Quinta das Manas, children and young people can participate in activities with different types of domestic, wild and exotic animals, learning about their characteristics and customs and interacting with them, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question, we will be happy to help you arrange your visit to Quinta das Manas



We focus on the different areas of learning, such as:

– Discovering the world of living things through the Farm Animals and Plants.
– To allow the Child to understand the relationship of the Human being with the World around them, introducing different life cycles (Animal and Plant).

Our main objectives are Four:

To learn by awakening the desire to learn through the different learning areas.

To understand that one can have fun learning and with that knowledge is guaranteed to be deserved, Quinta das Manas is a place of life.

To raise awareness of the environment by making children aware of the interdependence of living beings with the rural environment.

That the young person, as a citizen, begins to develop a responsible attitude, learning to respect others and the environment in which we live.



In the first place, because of the appeal of curiosity and the awakening of the senses it awakens in us.
It is a chance to discover and discuss the many different species of animals, and to familiarize yourself with the agricultural environment.
The pedagogical approach that we propose to you, allowing education to be based on real and practical.
It's also a great way to build up the Person and the Citizen is learning to respect others and their work.
It is for these reasons that many of the camps and their families are arranged at the guest house!!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
We'll be glad to help you to organize your visit to Quinta das Manas

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