What is the

Picnic at the Farm

We have magnificent spaces in the middle of nature, which deserve to be shared through picnics on our farm.

As usual at a picnic, food and drinks are brought by the participants, so they can adapt the picnic to their tastes.
For example: you have a picnic, romantic picnic, family picnic for friends, etc.

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How It Works

By booking a picnic you will have access to:


  • Stay at the farm for 4 hours
    (10h to 14h or 14h to 18h)
  • Feed and interact with the farm animals
  • Traditional games park
  • Visit to the various museums
  • Vegetable Garden

Our picnis have the following prices per person:

0 to 1 year
Child (1 to 3 years old).
Adult (over 4 years old)
How To Book

Book your picnic using the form on the right.

Disponibilizamos 3 packs de picnics que podem adquirir

It is important that you book in advance as we have a maximum daily limit of visitors.

Disponibilizamos também, 3 packs de picnics que podem adquirir:
(*Orders with a minimum of 24 hours notice)

Pack 1 - Manas Picnic

Mini American Sandwiches
Salad or pasta
Mini mixed toasts
Toast with pate
Natural juice, Lemonade and water
Cake (walnut or carrot)
Fruit kebabs
4 People 25€
Extra-person 7.5€
A minimum of 4 people

2 Pack - Picnic from Minho

Various snacks
Mixed ham board
Alheira sausage
Mixed sausages (ham and boiled pork shank)
Boiled Egg
Fresh fruit salad
Chocolate Mousse, or Pudding
Walnut or carroty cake
Water, Fresh Juice, Lemonade, Green Wine, Matured Wine, Beer
4 People-50.00€
Extra-person 12.50€
A minimum of 4 people

Pack Of 3 - Grill Picnic

Two chickens
Rice and Potatoes
A minimum of 2 people

In the midst of nature

Discover a magnificent space

Fill in the form below and enjoy a unique space

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