What is the

Picnic at the Farm

We have magnificent spaces in the middle of nature, which deserve to be shared through picnics on our farm.

As usual at a picnic, food and drinks are brought by the participants, so they can adapt the picnic to their tastes.
For example: you have a picnic, romantic picnic, family picnic for friends, etc.

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How It Works

Ao agendar um picnic, para além da visita guiada com alimentação e interação com os animais da Quinta, terá acesso a:

– Permanecer mais duas horas extra para usufruir do picnic;
– Parque de jogos tradicionais;
– Visita aos diversos Museus, Relógio do Sol, Hotel dos Insetos;
– Horta;
– Acesso ao bar.

* Encomendas das cestas com mínimo 48 horas de antecedencia e consumo minimo de 20€


Our picnis have the following prices per person:

0 to 1 year
Child (1 to 3 years old).
Adult (over 4 years old)
How To Book
Book your picnic using the form on the right.

It is important that you book in advance as we have a maximum daily limit of visitors.


* Encomendas com mínimo 48 horas de antecedencia.

In the midst of nature

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