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Private Visits

We know how important it is to be in contact with nature and its biodiversity and we want to share all this, with families and society in general. We are open to sharing experiences, which enrich the senses and preserve nature. On our educational farm children are encouraged to relate what they see with what they learn in our activities. We promise you will leave our farm with great memories.


We have a set of pre-prepared activities that will show you all the environment that is experienced daily in our educational farm.

The visit lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. We promise that you will leave our farm with great memories.

How It Works

After previously booking your visit with us we will receive you on the day and time agreed and start our guided tour through the whole pedagogical farm, with the following steps:

  1. We start with the introduction of the safety rules;
  2. We move on to the presentation of some curiosities of our animals;
  3. We proceed to the feeding and interaction with our animals;
  4. Visit to the museums
  5. Visit to the vegetable garden
  6. Visit to the Aromatic Herbs corner

You will not even notice the time passing by and you will live unforgettable experiences that only animals and nature can give us.


Enjoy the best that our educational farm has to offer for only 5.5€ and 9.5€, we offer entry to children up to 1 year old:

0 to 1 year
1 to 3 years of age

*Have a look at our cancellation policy


Book a visit today

It is important that you book in advance as we have a maximum daily limit of visitors.

Only in this way can we offer you a unique, personalised experience with the dedication you deserve

Fill in the form below and get ready for a unique adventure at Quinta das Manas.


Then book an exclusive private tour now and have the farmhouse all to yourself! If you love exclusivity and privacy we have a tour planned just for you!
If you love exclusivity and privacy we have a tour planned just for you!

All activities and operations are the same as the private visit, the only difference is that our farm will be exclusively yours for the duration of the visit. Incredible don't you think?

60€ for 4 entries (extra entry: 12€)

Book your visit now by emailing us: [email protected]
Or by phone:
+351 918 132 388

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