When irritated or to attract attention, it sneezes its mucus in the direction of the object of its irritation.

Fallow deer

O gamo anatomicamente possui um pescoço comprido e fino, com o focinho longo e orelhas grandes. A pelagem do gamo é variável ao longo do ano. No Inverno, a pelagem é negra e as manchas da pelagem dorsal são também escuras, sendo a região ventral a única parte em que...
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Common Turtle

This turtle is common in a wide variety of freshwater or low-salinity habitats, with still or gently flowing water. Thus, they are easily found in ponds, lagoons, reservoirs, rivers, streams and bogs.


Raccoon fur remains highly sought after, and the animal is therefore hunted on a large scale, especially in the southern United States
Ouriço Terrestre


These animals have about 5000 hollow spines with a flexible base. When they feel threatened, they turn into a kind of 'little ball' to protect their stomach.